It’s a phrase I’ve coined every year since 2012. A new CG is coming at you for 2012, 2013, 2014…and every year life happens.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, let’s take a brief trip down memory lane.

In 2012 Captain and I found ourselves in a 2 bedroom apartment, awaiting promotions, and newly pregnant.  We spent the next year searching for a home for our growing brood.

We accomplished that goal by the summer of 2013. Unfortunately, by the years end we had a new roommate: my mother whose health had been declining for years found herself unable to care for herself and wound up moving in with #teamCG.

2014, was a blur: complete with doctor’s appointments, physical therapy sessions, and new health diagnosis. My entire immediate family suffered.

Spring of 2015 mom moves out.  I spend the next few months coming to terms with the damage/neglect my immediate family suffered as a result of my decision to devote all my time, effort and energy to mom.  I spent the next few months on damage control, in hopes of improving those relationships at all costs.

So now here we are, four years after initially setting out to improve CG: three years after putting my life on hold to become a caregiver to the woman who gave me life: two years after I found myself at a professional crossroads where teetering between freelance and wanting to leave: one year  ago I realized I must first mend my immediate relationships before embarking on my journey.

Now, I sit, on my back deck watching my kids play in the yard and for once I’m at peace with the direction my life is heading.

Day 1



Welcome to my slice of the net

My name is Cris, but you can call me CG. I’m a food loving, mystery book loving, freelance working, married mother of two.

Much like yours, my days are long, my patience is short, and my coffee isn’t always strong enough to handle the tasks ahead.

January 1st I took steps to embark on a personal journey that is going to rock my world physically and financially.

Death_to_stock_photography_Vibrant (7 of 10)
Finally Free

So join me as I make a giant leap of caffeine-induced faith that’s sure to test push me to my limits.

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