An “L” for Super Bowl L?

Offiical symbol of the 2016 Super Bowl
Super Bowl 50

The wings are long gone, the sodas have been consumed, and a Super Bowl champion has been crowned.  Peyton Manning has lead the Denver Broncos to the franchise’s thirds Super Bowl Championship: a feat not many can add to their list of accomplishments.

Despite the incessant buzz about the Golden match up, both the game and the commercials fell a little flat.  There were a few bright spots, including the Doritos spot and Steve Harvey’s T-Mobile cameo.  But all in all, I found the commercials, much like the game simply didn’t live up to the hype.

While I’m no sports guru, humor me for a minute, will ya?

Quarter after quarter Panthers receivers struggled to get and keep a grip on the ball.  On at least two occasions (there were more I assure you) Panther’s quarterback Cam Newton drove the ball into the receivers hands—close, but no cigar!

Each time it was dropped you could just see the anger and disgust written all over poor Cam’s face.  Unfortunately for him, the disgust continued well into the post game, where he literally walked off the set. Can you blame him?

Meanwhile, Peyton Manning left the Stanford Field quite exuberant.  Sunday’s win gave him a second championship ring to add to his personal collection.  It also gave the elder Manning a chance to  leave the league (if you believe those retirement rumors) with a bang.

Newton congratulates Manning after Super Bowl 50 win
Santa Clara, CA

So, what did you think about Super Bowl 50?

And more importantly, did your team take home the gold?


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