Ok guys,

 There comes a time in everyone’s when you have to put the pedal to the metal, and move.

For months, I’ve been dragging my feet about something I must do.  Now, that the day has finally come, I’m sitting here processing my next step.

As you all know, I’m in the midst of a personal journey: professionally as well as personally.

Professionally, I’m at peace.  I’ve made some moves that are pretty final, and am in the midst of learning new skills to start a new journey.

BUT personally, I’m at a standstill.  For quite some time I’ve been trying to figure out how to make the most out of my journey to improve my health.  I’ve boosted my workouts to 5X a week, up from *cough* none.  I’ve started back making smoothies, and trying to eliminate sugar. Unfortunately,  some of the things I continue to eat, like dairy and certain wheat products continue to upset my GI system.

That brings me to the dreaded process of elimination: the elimination of food I find not only tasty, but comforting as well. (cue the world’s smallest violin)

  • A life without dairy?  Por qua?
  • Red Meat?  This is getting ridiculous!
  • Dare I say, bread?! *faints*

 So what will the changes mean?  How long will the elimination process last?  Can I keep it up?  Does this sound pretty vegan to you?!

*cue the dramatic music*


So it’s time to do some research… in the meantime, get ready world.  CG is going meat, bread, and dairy free, in 3, 2, 1

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