Battling the Bulge in the U.S.

When it comes to being fat, Americans top the chart.  We’re so good in fact, nearly one-third of our population tips the scale with a BMI of 30% or more.

Doesn’t sound like much until you actually consider what that means.  30% of your body, or MORE is fat.  Like, boom straight jiggle and wiggle.

While I’m being a little facetious right now, the fact is obesity is no laughing matter.  Especially when nearly 79 million Americans are battling this disease: myself included.

Whooo, is it getting hot in here?


Now, traditional medicine suggests the best way to drop the weight is by reducing calories, fat, and in some cases, carbs.

While there is some truth to these methods, it also leaves a lot on the table.  Weight loss is as much about nutrition as it is about the overall science.  Our bodies are complex machines; machines that require the right amount of hydration, macro nutrients and rest.
Over the next few weeks, we will take a closer look at the weight loss process through research and medical studies.  I’ll also sit down with nutritionists, both holistic as well as  traditional, who can, hopefully shed a little light on this process.

Until next time,

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