When expectations and reality collide

The truth is, when things were going good, they were really, really good.

When things are bad…they’re horrible.

This month has been a roller coaster of sorts.  I told you guys about the death of a precious family member.

I also told you I’ve grown bored with cooking, and food in general.

So here I sit, at a quarter til four on a Sunday afternoon, struggling to calm my spirit. My dishwasher went caput; I’m getting more interest in my photography endeavors; I’ve received more interest from employers, this week, than I have in months.

Sounds like everything is on the up and up, right?  So why am I so antsy?

The truth is, I’m finding some pretty important truths in the following saying…


I’ve spent the past few weeks mulling over the fact that I didn’t have enough “mad money,” so I started applying for part-time/flexible jobs to help infuse some cash into the situation.  But you and I both know, hindsight is 20/20, right?


I apply for a job at a pretty corporate company and I receive not one but two interviews! Being the awesome person that I am, I rocked them both.  Unfortunately reality quickly brought me back down to earth: child for Tiny, homework duties for Shorty, all parental obligations and responsibilities will all take on different meanings with both parents back in the regular workforce.  It’s a reality we’ve not had to consider for three years.   And my business, well it would simply have to wait…right?


I’ve always done the “appropriate” thing, followed the rules no matter how stupid, remained as conservative as possible, that is, until now.

Corporate America will have to wait.  This may be the one time in my life I can afford to take a risk without rocking the boat.


With that being said, stay tuned as we set sail on a new type of adventure.  One where CG is in the captain’s seat and a few mates on deck.

Stay tuned


One thought on “When expectations and reality collide

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  1. I can definitely understand about how life’s expectations catches up with your reality. I myself have been knocked over backwards when reality kicks you in the face. Just get up and dust yourself off. I have never cared much for corporate America either because I make my own rules to follow and that doesn’t line up with corporate America.


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