Unconsciously conscious: Day 2

You ever have one of those days where you have this nagging feeling that you’re missing something?

You know the feeling I’m talking about.  It haunts you until you harass yourselves and those around you incessantly for the answer. 

That’s how I felt about today.  I just knew there was something I had forgotten to do.  It was something important, something necessary for me to function. 

Believe it or not, it took me all day to realize what it was.  Now that I know what it was, I feel annoyed, and somewhat perturbed…I needed to take care of me.

Every morning, I awaken to the footsteps of tiny feet, and a soft whisper asking “what’s for breakfast?”  This is typically followed by some request for liquid refreshment and a book.  The day typically continues in a cycle of food requests, activity requests, and cuddle demands.  Add that to the increasing demands of entrepreneurship, and you have one taxed mommy.

So weeks ago I set outo make a point of making time for me.  If only for 30 minutes a day. In that time I do absolutely nothing for anyone. I sit. I relax. Sometimes I daydream. If I’m really lucky, I take time to read.  

Today was a day I forgot to take that time. Up until now, I hadn’t realized how crucial it is for me to function during my day to day activities. 

Tomorrow I vow to take the time, dare I say, make the time to take care of my mental and physical well being. 

And if you don’t take the time, I ask you to join me…trust me, you’re with it.

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