Til Death Do Us Part


What if one day you woke up and learned your significant other was going blind?Wedding photos-26

It was an idea that I never considered until I ran across this video by Jubilee Media on Facebook called “Blind Devotion.”  If you have the seven minutes to watch it, I totally recommend it, however, if you’re short on time, I’ll give you the Cliffs Notes version.

A woman learns she’s going blind and decides not to tell her husband.  After carefully watching her he discovers her secret.  She spends the remainder of the video refusing his help…all the while unaware he is secretly helping her.
If I can be honest, the video made me cry…like ugly cry.  A deep, ugly cry that brought to light a very real fear of mine.

The truth is, Captain is legally blind.  When he misplaces his glasses he can’t see—like, at all! While His vision hasn’t gotten any worse during our time together, it certainly hasn’t gotten any better.  If he were to lose his sight, it would change things…a lot.

It would change everything about our family dynamics.  But what wouldn’t change is my love for him.
Having done both, I can say, without a doubt it would be a difficult situation to handle.  But could I do it?  Yep, without missing a beat.  When I said I Do, believe it or not, I actually meant it.  Wedding photos-29Life has thrown us so many curveballs that I realize how well I’ve adapted.

So, readers weigh in?  Would you go above and beyond?
If not, why not?

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