The carbohydrate confusion

Carbs. They are your body’s primary source of fuel. They’re also a necessary vehicle to promote a healthy brain.

And when used properly carbs can have you running like a well oiled machine.

Unfortunately, the standard American diet, and my predominate source of fuel consists of fast acting carbs that contain an even quicker let down

White carbs: rice, pastas, breads and sweets. I love them. They love me. But my body is just about sick of us both.


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My love affair started as a youngun. But didn’t expand until after the birth of my first child.

Now I sit, two kids later at my highest ever non-pregnancy weight. It’s a shame really.

And an overall travesty.

But I HAVE devised a plan. It’s fool proof, even a Pinterest loving mommy can do it.

So what’ll it be?

You’ll just have to stick around and figure it out.

Project 365 is underway and I’m taking no prisoners

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1 step forward: 2 steps back

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Five months. Five whole months of avoiding meat down the drain

I shocked my damned self when I took the first bite of the bbq laced wing from Hooters just two weeks ago.  I don’t know WHY I did it.

I’d made it through Thanksgiving AND Christmas with zero temptations.

So why now?  My brain told me they smelled good. My eyes told me they looked good.   But when they hit my tongue…they did not TASTE GOOD!

Is it possible I was able to reverse a lifetime of meat lover’s delight five short months?

It didn’t seem real.

So instead of taking that as a lesson well learned.  I had to push forward in the name of research.

One day, I snacked on a sausage. Two days later, I tested ground beef. Finally I ended my random diversion with fried chicken.  The result, much like the beloved hot wing was the same.

The ground beef tasted strange. The sausage too salty. And the fried chicken, while tasty, it left me feeling unfulfilled.
The treats I’d once enjoyed at every meal were no longer of interest to me. (I believe thiss hocked me the most!)

Now that curiosity has been laid to rest, I think it’s time for me to move forward. And try my hand at eradicating a more sinister snack issue… my long-standing love affair with the “bad carbs!”

Will meat ever return?  I can’t say it won’t, but if history is any indicator of action, I can’t say it would stick around long.

#project365: Week 2


2019 is up and running.

There have been 14 days of unadulterated fun.

Two Mondays worth of Mondays.

14 days of life, interrupted.

Week one: we bought a treadmill!

We were so excited, we plugged it in as soon as it came home.

It took us about 10 minutes to realize the newly acquired nirvana was not working properly.

Day 14: one week later, the treadmill remain on the fritz.

In that time, I’ve binged.  I’ve skipped sleep.  I’ve re-started my caffeine kick.  And had at least three glasses of wine.

The slope sure is slippery, and I’m finding myself back on a familiar path.

Except…except this time truly is different.

This time, I caught myself.  Before things became too comfortable.  Before the excuses started rolling in.  Before the binge day became a binge month. And I curbed myself from engaging in another round.  I acknowledged it and refuse to completely derail.

Who knows how long it will take for us to get the treadmill up and running.  But in the meantime, I’m packing a bag for the gym.

I’m making plans to kick start a more structured meal system.

I’m spending more time in the mirror addressing myself: flaws and all.

Because of this…self love….forgiveness….unwillingness to quit…

This time…I will not fail.


Tick tock goes the clock

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Tick tock goes the clock…so what are you doing with the time?

Last October, I had a revelation.  An a ha moment if you will.

Time is passing me by…and it’s going a helluva lot quicker than I thought.

Shorty is now 11, and Tiny is 6.

They’re nothing learning new things, both good and bad, and here I sit, still the same.

Same look. Same weight. Only one additional stamp in my passport! (This one hurts me the most)

So what’s a girl to do?

Resolve to make the same changes as the year before?

Starve herself in hopes of moving the scale?

How about none of these.

What if, instead of limiting my calories, I found something I loved to do more than my desire to eat those chocolate chip cookies?

What if, instead of complaining about what I see in the mirror, I choose to love myself instead.

2018 has been full of plenty of ups and downs. But the best takeaway, I think, would have to be the massive amount of introspection I’ve undertaken.  I’ve learned what makes me tick.  Where I went wrong in past relationships.  Where I veer off path in my current.

I learned what makes my parenting awesome, as well as areas where I fall short.

I love where I am in my journey.

So the next step in my journey is to take care of my physical.

Away I go…

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