The carbohydrate confusion

Carbs. They are your body’s primary source of fuel. They’re also a necessary vehicle to promote a healthy brain.

And when used properly carbs can have you running like a well oiled machine.

Unfortunately, the standard American diet, and my predominate source of fuel consists of fast acting carbs that contain an even quicker let down

White carbs: rice, pastas, breads and sweets. I love them. They love me. But my body is just about sick of us both.


yellow oval potato

Photo by Pixabay on

My love affair started as a youngun. But didn’t expand until after the birth of my first child.

Now I sit, two kids later at my highest ever non-pregnancy weight. It’s a shame really.

And an overall travesty.

But I HAVE devised a plan. It’s fool proof, even a Pinterest loving mommy can do it.

So what’ll it be?

You’ll just have to stick around and figure it out.

Project 365 is underway and I’m taking no prisoners

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