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If you’ve bee following me at any point on Instagram you probably know I have a love/hate relationship with physical activity. 

I love the way I feel after I’m done, but I hate the actual process of “doing it.”
So a friend has coerced me into joining, quite possibly, the worst exercise programs of them all: Couch to 5K. 

The truth is, I’ve always wanted to complete a 5k. In fact, it’s on my bucket list of things to do before I die, but the actual thought of running, actual running, gives me hives. (Don’t judge)

So how, pray tell, do you think I will scratch a 5k off my list? You guessed it… I finally took a big ole swig out of the “suck it up buttercup” cup and washed it down with a side of “quitcherbitchin” soup. 

And if I can be honest, it’s going pretty good! I’m on week two of the C25k app program and I’m happy to report, I have not died!  What’s more impressive to me is that after the initial 20 minutes, I actual enjoy it. (Insert large gasp here) 

Now, I’ve been nursing a sinus infection for (going on three weeks now) so it’s made it a tad bit difficult to wrap up week two with good timing due to the infection spreading into my actual lungs, however, I’m excited about actually completing the program!

after the shots
Obligatory doc offfice photo

If you’re not impressed yet, try this on for size… I, CG,  am making plans to sign Shorty and I up for a 5k that we can run together! (which is a request she’s been making for about a year) 

So yay for CG for putting an end to her procrastination and wishful thinking and putting her dreams in motion. 

Illness or not, I will complete this program, and when I do… There will be a HUGE celebration, and quite possibly vegan donuts. ūüĎŹūüŹĺ#staytuned 

C25K : week two

The first 30 days

Three weeks: 21 days…that’s the magic number scientists once thought it took to create a new habit.¬† For years I heard people share this age old addage, and think to myself “I must be broken.”¬† The only thing I seem to be able to accomplish in three weeks is anticipation of when it’s over: don’t judge.

30 days from now, the first half of 2016 will be complete.¬† Let that sink in for a moment.¬† By July 1st, 2016 will be barreling toward “Back to school” sales, Halloween costumes, and of course Yuletide joy.

I’ve accomplished alot in the first half.¬† I quit my job, and started my own business.¬† I taught Shorty how to swim, with Tiny currently learning.¬† I bought a new car, and learned how to properly hem pants.¬† All in all I’m feeling pretty confident about the direction by professional life is taking.

My personal life, on the other hand is a whole other story.

My main New Year’s Resolution was to become a better spouse to Captain.¬† While I’m not a horrible wife, I most definitely am not a winner winner chicken dinner 100% of the time.¬† Heck, I’d wager it’s more like 75% and that’s being gracious. (if you’re reading this, sorry Captain)

I also resolved to become a healthier me.  While I have certainly moved a lot more this year (due in part to not having to work overnight and keep odd hours) I most certainly have not secured the spot for being the best me I can be, ya dig?

So, starting today I’m taking some of these bigger resolutions and breaking them down into monthly installments.

I’ll journal my progress here, so get ready.

Month 1 obective: A healthier me
Focus: Nutrition



As a mom I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, doing mom things like: helping with homework, cleaning the never ending pile of dishes, and of course, cooking the family dinner.

By choosing to go #vegan, my dinner options have become a little, ahem, mundane.

Most things I prepare for the personally, are often rinsed, chopped and consumed…which is both good, and bad.¬† Namely because I find myself eating much of the same thing over and over again…despite the growing database of vegan entrees and websites popping up all across the interwebz.

I’ve perused a few of those sites, but honestly I find many of the dishes overwhelming and often require a plethora of ingredients, some of which I do not have on hand.

While I can admit there have been several strikes, there’s at least one dish in rotation right now that I’d like to give a worth an honorable mention: a burrito created by yours truly.

The base of the burrito, is of course the tortilla.

Followed by quinoa (rinsed and cooked in cilantro seasoning).

Add a few black olives, an avocado, top it with some¬† cilantro sprinkled with a little bit of cumin, and voila…dinner is served!

I’ve scarfed this down for breakfast, lunch and dinner!¬† And unlike some of the other things I’ve tried these past few weeks, this burrito¬† has staying power.

So, let’s hear it…three cheers for CG’s Vegan Burrito!

Hip, hip, horray!!!

If you’re like me, vowing to make a major change can sometimes come with a bit of trepidation.

What you say: I want a new job!
What you feel: What if I fail?

What you say: I’m ready to be a better parent/lover/friend!
What you feel: What if my advancements aren’t well received/rejected?

You may see where I’m going with this, but stick around and let me unpack this a bit.

Last month I made a heck of a confession in regards to my overall digestive health.  At that time I vowed to spend some time eliminating what I thought were the sources of the problem, dairy and meat, from my diet.

The truth is I’ve cut down quite a bit, but I haven’t gone 100%. Just the thought of being vegetarian, or even (gulp) vegan is really intimidating.

Unfortunately, so was the physical and mental aspect of act of going cold turkey from them both at the same time.¬† So this time I’ve devised a multi-step plan.¬† First on the chopping block is my beloved dairy.

My Truth about Dairy

I don’t consume much, anyway.¬† I don’t eat much cheese, I drink almond milk instead of regular milk, and stopped eating yogurt some time last year.¬† But there are a few milk-based vices that I had a hard time letting go of: namely¬† ice cream, cream cheese and heavy whipping cream.

Why whipping cream you may ask—the answer is quite simple: I use whipping cream as creamer for my coffee.¬† I little goes a long way, and it makes my java sing!

Credit: Death to Stock Photo

Unfortunately, of the three things I still consume, this one is the sole culprit of my¬† GI issues. ¬† I know this, and I have for quite some time.¬† This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to give it up.¬† I’ve tried everything, including a number of dairy alternatives like:¬† powdered non-dairy creamers and non-dairy milk and neither won me over.

  • Powdered creamers—the list of ingredients make me want to drop the canister off at a science lab instead of in my coffee.
  • Non-dairy alternatives—leaves the coffee¬† flat and unappealing.

The other two, ice cream and cream cheese don’t have as much of an impact on my personal digestion, but if you know like I know, they can be gateways to other yummy dairy foods.

For instance, cream cheese isn’t a problem for me per se,¬† but when you whip it up with¬† butter and powdered sugar, you have the makings of some great tasting cream cheese icing.¬† Ice cream is pretty self- explanatory, don’t you think?¬† Chocked full of yummy creamy goodness full of nuts and the best of them feature caramel. #yum

But the fact of the matter is, all good things must come to an end.

Moving Forward

So for the next few weeks I’ll be making a slow march toward veganism, one dairy free meal at a time.

Up next—Meat


Battling the Bulge in the U.S.

When it comes to being fat, Americans top the chart.¬† We’re so good in fact, nearly one-third of our population tips the scale with a BMI of 30% or more.

Doesn’t sound like much until you actually consider what that means.¬† 30% of your body, or MORE is fat.¬† Like, boom straight jiggle and wiggle.

While I’m being a little facetious right now, the fact is obesity is no laughing matter.¬† Especially when nearly 79 million Americans are battling this disease: myself included.

Whooo, is it getting hot in here?


Now, traditional medicine suggests the best way to drop the weight is by reducing calories, fat, and in some cases, carbs.

While there is some truth to these methods, it also leaves a lot on the table.  Weight loss is as much about nutrition as it is about the overall science.  Our bodies are complex machines; machines that require the right amount of hydration, macro nutrients and rest.
Over the next few weeks, we will take a closer look at the weight loss process through research and medical studies.¬† I’ll also sit down with nutritionists, both holistic as well as¬† traditional, who can, hopefully shed a little light on this process.

Until next time,

Ok guys,

¬†There comes a time in everyone’s when you have to put the pedal to the metal, and move.

For months, I’ve been dragging my feet about something I must do.¬† Now, that the day has finally come, I’m sitting here processing my next step.

As you all know, I’m in the midst of a personal journey: professionally as well as personally.

Professionally, I’m at peace.¬† I’ve made some moves that are pretty final, and am in the midst of learning new skills to start a new journey.

BUT personally, I’m at a standstill.¬† For quite some time I’ve been trying to figure out how to make the most out of my journey to improve my health.¬† I’ve boosted my workouts to 5X a week, up from *cough* none.¬† I’ve started back making smoothies, and trying to eliminate sugar. Unfortunately,¬† some of the things I continue to eat, like dairy and certain wheat products continue to upset my GI system.

That brings me to the dreaded process of elimination: the elimination of food I find not only tasty, but comforting as well. (cue the world’s smallest violin)

  • A life without dairy?¬† Por qua?
  • Red Meat?¬† This is getting ridiculous!
  • Dare I say, bread?! *faints*

 So what will the changes mean?  How long will the elimination process last?  Can I keep it up?  Does this sound pretty vegan to you?!

*cue the dramatic music*


So it’s time to do some research… in the meantime, get ready world.¬† CG is going meat, bread, and dairy free, in 3, 2, 1

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