Have we been had?

Like many of you, I awoke Wednesday morning to the announcement of our new President-Elect, Mr. Donald J. Trump.

Mr. Trump made several promises during his campaign that re-ignited his uber conservative base, but now that he’s snatched the seat it seems Mr. President-Elect my flip flop on some of his mot contested issues: take his stance on Obamacare for instance.  Early on in the campaign Trump vowed to repeal Obamacare, now after meeting with the President on Thursday, President-Elect Trumps is singing a different tune.

Here’s an excerpt…

“Either Obamacare will be amended, or repealed and replaced,” he said, acknowledging that it was Obama, who met with Trump in the Oval Office for 90 minutes, who encouraged him to reconsider. “I told him I will look at his suggestions, and out of respect, I will do that.”Muslims looking for a new experience in the land of the free will have to wait at least four years before heading ashore. Because our then candidate said he’d place tougher restrictions on those attempting to enter through countries with major terrorost ties.


Courtesy of the Business Insider: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

I mean, it hasn’t been a week and he’s already singing a different tune.  It remains to be seen what else the President-Elect may change his stance on.  It also remains to be seen the impact these changes will have on the morale of the voters who pushed to get him in office.

C.G. is watching and waiting, I hope you are too!




Clinton takes aim at Trump in latest ad

NEW YORK, NY- While the rest of the country awaits an official nominee of both the Republican and Democratic primaries,  democratic hopeful, Hillary Clinton steams ahead with plans to take aim at Republican front runner, Donald Trump.

A new political ad, released by Clinton’s camp, Wednesday features  images unique to the Big Apple, including Lady Liberty and a diverse group New Yorkers.

In keeping with the mudslinging that’s frequently associated with politics, the ad also features footage from a Trump rally where a black male is attacked by rally attendees.

According to CNN, Trump publicly addressed the ad during a stop in Wisconsin, Wednesday, saying quote…

“It’s a New York City ad, talking about New York. Except for one problem — she used a sign that’s on Pennsylvania Avenue,” Trump said, before joking that if he doesn’t win the election, he’ll live on the avenue — on which the White House stands — “no matter what happens.”

A spokesperson for Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders also weighed in.

“Obviously the Clinton campaign understands the momentum that Senator Sanders has and that’s forcing them to fight for a state they’d have thought they’d have wrapped up by now,” a senior adviser to Sanders told CNN.
Sanders is heading to New York, Thursday, for a campaign rally in the Bronx.
Meanwhile Clinton is also keeping busy on the campaign trail with plans to headline a fundraiser in Boston.



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